Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Other Urine May be a Cause For Foamy Urine

Foamy urine may be a cause to raise a red flag in general, or at least give you a reason for monitoring your urination.  One thing to keep in mind those is the fact your paying attention to other reasons foamy urine may be actually in the toilet or produced while you are urinating.

You want to make sure you are urinating into a fresh toilet of water and not into a toilet already filled with urine.  The reason this is, is the fact that it may be someone else with high levels of protein in their urine and you are noticing it because of the fact you are urinating into the same bowl which is causing the reaction in front of your own eyes.


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Foamy Urine is a site dedicated to information on the topic of foamy urine. It helps go over various topics such as what the possibly diagnosis could be to what it is.

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