Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Foamy Urine Can be a Sign of Kidney Disease

Foamy Urine can be a sign of possibly Kidney Disease. 

There are other signs of course that go with Kidney Disease such as

  • Urine May Contain Blood
  • Pressure or have difficulty urinating
  • Dark Colored urine
Please keep in mind it is only one symptom of kidney disease, but foamy urine is something you will want to keep track of, and call for an appointment with your physician at any time.


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Foamy Urine is a site dedicated to information on foamy urine. Please keep in mind though that you should always consult a physician for an accurate diagnosis.

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Foamy Urine is a site dedicated to information on the topic of foamy urine. It helps go over various topics such as what the possibly diagnosis could be to what it is.

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